Monday, October 17, 2016

I've got a Sneak-Peek Recipe to Share!!

Hey there! How's life been treating you? 
With love, I hope... 

Its been a busy month for me, with so many things going on I can barely keep my life straight, but I am keeping afloat, and thats what counts!

I told you about my opportunity to review Nicole Hunn's new gluten-free cookbook, "Gluten-Free Small Bites" in my last post, and I have more to share with you!

My pre-ordered cookbook is on the way, but I have the great fortune to dive into a few previews of her scrumptious recipes, and I want to share one with you here...
Sticky Chicken Wings:  Free Recipe Preview

If you pre-order your book by Oct. 25th there are additional "bonuses" shared, such as meal plans, gf flour calculator, and more! (Preorders are already shipping from here: 

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that you cannot go wrong with any of Nicole Hunn's gluten-free cookbooks. Not only is her writing style humorous and entertaining, she is brilliant. I call her my Gluten-Free Guru, because, well...that is what she is!

Now, excuse me while I go sit on my porch and wait for the mailman to arrive with my shiny new cookbook, "Gluten-Free Small Bites" by Nicole Hunn  :)

With Sugarplum Hugs,


  1. Boy do you and I have a lot in common! Years and. Years of weird, undiagnosible autoimmune disease symptoms?
    Years of bloating and "brain fog" and abdominal pain?
    Another couple of years of experimenting with dropping certain food items, only to discover that it was the very foods I loved that were killing me.. and about 3 years of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance of how things are... a bleak horizon of nothing good to eat... slowly figuring out what to eat...
    And also being a driven crafter!
    Thanks for the posts!

    Rachel D

  2. My pleasure, Rachel D!! We have so much in common!!! Enjoy!!!