Monday, October 17, 2016

I've got a Sneak-Peek Recipe to Share!!

Hey there! How's life been treating you? 
With love, I hope... 

Its been a busy month for me, with so many things going on I can barely keep my life straight, but I am keeping afloat, and thats what counts!

I told you about my opportunity to review Nicole Hunn's new gluten-free cookbook, "Gluten-Free Small Bites" in my last post, and I have more to share with you!

My pre-ordered cookbook is on the way, but I have the great fortune to dive into a few previews of her scrumptious recipes, and I want to share one with you here...
Sticky Chicken Wings:  Free Recipe Preview

If you pre-order your book by Oct. 25th there are additional "bonuses" shared, such as meal plans, gf flour calculator, and more! (Preorders are already shipping from here: 

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that you cannot go wrong with any of Nicole Hunn's gluten-free cookbooks. Not only is her writing style humorous and entertaining, she is brilliant. I call her my Gluten-Free Guru, because, well...that is what she is!

Now, excuse me while I go sit on my porch and wait for the mailman to arrive with my shiny new cookbook, "Gluten-Free Small Bites" by Nicole Hunn  :)

With Sugarplum Hugs,