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Have I got some GREAT Gluten-Free News for YOU!!

Hello Friends!
Its been awhile since we visited together...and I've missed you!
Life has thrown me a few curve balls recently that put me on my back for a spell, but I am back on my feet, and rearing to go! I have lots of crafty adventures to share with you, so stay tuned! 

But today, I am going to share a little bit about myself...

6 years ago, I was diagnosed as being "Highly Gluten Intolerant" which came after decades of unanswered health issues that put me in the hospital on a fairly regular basis to recover from intestinal distress, never knowing if it was food-poisoning or some other form of gastro-intestinal crisis that no doctor ever seemed to be able to give me an answer for.

After decades years of getting sick to the point of dehydration & hospitalization, I finally met a naturopathic/hollistic doctor who sent me for blood tests. In a matter of a week, I found out I was highly intolerant ("allergic" for a comprehensible word) to gluten, wheat, barley, rye, soy, tomatoes, and...break my heart...also "somewhat" intolerant of strawberries. Meaning that all of these things cause "inflammation" in my body. And inflammation leads to many forms of illnesses...heart name it, inflammation probably causes it!!

But really?!! Strawberries?!! C'mon, no fair!!

Once the diagnosis was delivered, it scared the bejeezus out of more bread?!! What will I eat?!!

It was then a 2-3 year course of convincing myself that it truly IS a serious issue for me, not just an anecdotal diagnosis. The "Land of Denial" was a place I got lost in for awhile, hoping it would all go away. But it didn't go away. This stuff really tears me up inside. I know because I have thoroughly tested it all out...thinking "Maybe this is just a figment of my imagination". 

Not so much...

Every time I "tested" the offending morsels, I got sick as a dog for days, loosing my "test" from both ends of the "tube" (TMI but I had to share the ugly details for you to know how very real this problem is for millions of people with the same intolerance or a diagnosis of "Celiac" which can be deadly!)

So I finally surrendered. 

If I wanted to be healthy and feel good, I needed to take the diagnosis seriously...and so I did. I began to notice improvement in my health immediately. Gone were the ever-present cramps, nausea, and various other "unpleasantries" that I had been experiencing for decades. 

It was then, amidst my internet research to dig up some recipes that might help me overcome the lack of food I seemed to be able to eat, I discovered Nicole Hunn, and her book "Gluten-Free on a Shoestring". I am not embellishing the truth when I say, Nicole Hunn saved my life! Okay, maybe she didn't actually save my life, but she sure did save the life of my tastebuds and happiness!!

I had been spending a great deal of time in my mind, thinking of all the delicious morsels that filled my childhood memories and adult life...things I would never again be able to eat without getting violently ill. It broke my heart into a million sparkly pieces. 

One particular morsel that had taken root in my mind and my stomach, was Rainbow Cookies. Not regular cookies you might be thinking of, but more of a tiny cake-type of cookie with layers of bright colors, sandwiched with raspberry filling, Frosted with a layer of creamy chocolate. Sounds great, right?!! Some people call them "Italian Rainbow Cookies" although I grew up in a Jewish home and found them on every holiday celebration table that I can remember. The luscious colorful toothsome treats capture my childhood in every almond-raspberry colorful bite!

 So, what do you think happened when I did a bit of internet searching? I happened upon Nicole Hunn's Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Blog, and the first recipe I saw was her recipe for Rainbow Cookies, posted that day...exactly like the ones I had grown up devouring?!! Yep...the tears of joy began to roll!

How can life be so wonderful?!! To have answered my deepest craving with such an immediate response...I was so excited and touched, I was beside myself!! You mean I get to EAT & ENJOY life again?!! It was almost too good to be true...but it is true!

I couldn't make that recipe for Rainbow Cookies fast enough...just to look at the colorful photographs on Nicole's blog, rendered me speechless. And when I took the first bite of those sweet, nutty, fruity, miniature cakes, I re-discovered true bliss!! There IS a delicious life after a diagnosis of gluten-intolerance, and I had discovered the treasure trove, in Nicole Hunn's pocket!!

It was in that moment, that I purposed in my heart to eat carefully and protect my health. To dig into Nicole Hunn's cookbook, and make myself an expert in gluten-free cooking. Over the next several years, I not only became an avid follower of Nicole's inspiring & entertaining blog, I was dumbfounded on a regular basis as she would "coincidentally" post recipes that had been swirling in my mind that particular was bizarre, and I began to wonder if she lived inside of my head! 

Her latest cookbook is nothing less then stellar...and once again, she is IN MY HEAD!! I am a "Nibbler"...I prefer appetizers and hors d'oeuvres to a big plate of food...little bites to savor and enjoy. And that is exactly what this amazing cookbook shares with us! I am so excited to dive into the content and start whipping up deliciousness to share with my family & friends. 

I am an avid "hostess with the most-ess" as some of my friends call me, so this next cookbook will be perfect for my holiday entertaining!! And its coming out in perfect timing...October 25, 2016 is the official release date!! 

Pre-order your book now on Amazon: Pre-order Link Here
(available for delivery (on or about) October 25, 2016)

Nicole Hunn's delicious brilliance runs through each carefully written cookbook. You can't go wrong with any of them, I promise you!! In addition to scrumptious recipes and delightful humor in her writing, there are recipes for gluten-free flour blends you can combine yourself, creating cup-for-cup alternatives to use in your own favorite family recipes! This is a life-saver when it comes to cooking for your family members who won't even notice the difference when you begin cooking gluten-free for them all, using Nicole's recipes. 

My family is not gluten intolerant, yet with me as the master chef in the house, they all eat what I cook, so their health is improving simply for the fact I am not using chemical-infused flour products. **Link to important article: Here
Common practices of wheat harvest includes the "Soaking" of wheat field prior to harvest with Round-up®  to increase harvest production and to make the process easier on their equipment... 


We are not being informed that we are being systematically poisoned for the financial gain of others. Others who spend millions of dollars lobbying politicians to "approve" of their deadly procedures, and fool the public into thinking we are being "cared for" by the Food & Drug Administration. Its time to wake-up and smell the poison, people!!

Insert an outraged "Eeeww" {{here}}!! 

I am not a scientist, but it doesn't take much research to learn the truth. We must be our own advocates, and I hate to say this, but we should trust less and be skeptical more!! If you doubt what I have shared here, I implore you to do a bit of your own research. I think you will be shocked to learn the truth. 

So I think its time we all consider going wheat-free if we have any interest in longevity and good health of any kind. With gluten-free cooking, I am able to set a table of deliciousness without anyone in my family tasting any kind of difference, other then perhaps things are more tasty! My husband asks me on a regular basis, "You mean this is gluten free?" with shock on his face. "Yep! it sure is" I confirm with a hearty smile. 

Gluten-Free on a Shoestring: 125 Easy Recipes for Eating Well on the Cheap
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Gluten-Free on a Shoestring: Bakes Bread
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Gluten-Free On A Shoestring: Quick & Easy
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Gluten-Free on a Shoestring: Classic Snacks
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If you have friends or loved ones with gluten-intolerance, or on a gluten-free diet for the benefit of better health, please share this treasure trove of information and culinary rescue! You can definitely be someone's "Hero", I am certain of that!!

Wishing you Bluebird Skies & Dancing Daisies...
With Sugarplum Hugs!

PS. I'll be back soon with some really wonderful craft projects so stay tuned!! 

I personally requested to help promote Nicole Hunn's upcoming cookbook: "Gluten-Free Small Bites: Sweet and Savory Hand-Held Treats for On-the-Go Lifestyles and Entertaining" with an added benefit of receiving an advance e-book copy. 

**I would be promoting my "Gluten-Free-Guru", Nicole Hunn's authored works no matter if I was given a preview or not, it just would be "after publishing" instead of a "ahead of publishing" like this please don't think I am influenced by anything other then Nicole Hunn's meticulous and EXCEPTIONAL RECIPES with well-researched educational information that she shares in all of her excellent cookbooks. I own every one of them, having purchased through without any form of discount or influence other then sheer desire!

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